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DSL Tariff

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

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Long Distance Tariff

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Multi-Channel Video Program Distributor EEO Program Annual Report

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Net Neutrality

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Video Franchise Fees



  Franchise Fee % 
Castalia 0
Clermont 3
Fort Atkinson  
    City 3
Harpers Ferry 0
New Albin  
     City 5
     Jefferson Township  
Ossian 5
Waterville 0


   Franchise Fee %
     City 0
    Brownsville Township 0
     Crooked Creek Township 0
     City 5
     Caledonia Township 5
     Mayville Township 5
     Wilmington Township 5
     City 0
     City 0
     New Hartford Township 0
     Richmond Township 0
     Dresbach Village 0
     City 0
     Winnebago Township 5
     Bristol Township 5
     City 3
     Hokah Township 0
     Union Township 0
     City 0
     Houston Township 0
     Yucatan Township 0
     Sheldon Township 0
     Mound Prairie Township 0
     Pleasant Hill Township 0
     Money Creek Township 0
La Crescent  
     City 5
     La Crescent Township 0
     City 5
     Carrolton Township
     Holt Township 0
     Amherst Township 0
Ostrander 1
     City 0
     Fremont Township 0
     Norway Township 0
     Arendahl Township 0
     Pilot Mound Township 0
     City 0
     Rushford Village 0
     Wiscoy Township 0
     Hart Township 0
     City 0


  Franchise Fee % 
Cleon Township 0
Springdale Township 0
Weldon Township 0
Colfax Township 1
Village of Thompsonville 0
Village of Copemish 0
Antioch Township 0
Springville Township 0
Village of Mesick 0
S. Branch Township 0
Hanover Township 0
Wexford Township 0
Slagle Township 0
Marilla Township 0
Village of Buckley 0
Grant Township 0
Mayfield Township 0
Peninsula Township 0
Union Township 0
Springfield Township 0
Garfield Township 0
Orange Township 0
Boardman Township 0
Newkirk Township  
Norman Township 0
Salem Township 5
Overisel Township 3.25
Park Township 0.5
Allendale Township 5
Zeeland Township  2
Holland Township 1
Polkton Township 5
Georgetown Township 5
Olive Township 5
City of Coopersville 1
Blendon Township 5
Robinson Township 5