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June 2016

Computer Repair/IT Consulting to Open in La Crescent

AcenTek will open the doors of their subsidiary company, CCS Technologies later this month in La Crescent, MN.
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Peterson Gets New Playground, AcenTek Helps

The new playground, offering 19 different activities, was installed in early May and the AcenTek Foundation is proud to announce their support of this community project.
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May 2016

AcenTek Brings WiFi to Pettibone

Pettibone recently partnered with AcenTek to improve the WiFi connection for their campers.
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October 2015

AcenTek Donates to Local Fire Departments

Dressing casual on Fridays pays off for nine area fire departments.
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March 2015

AcenTek Increases Local School’s Access to the World 10 Fold

AcenTek, a locally based technology solutions provider for 65 years, announced as part of their AcenTek Gigabit Neighborhood project, the fiber connected schools in their service areas will be upgraded to 1 gigabit internet connections with no increase in rates.
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January 2015

Why Use AcenTek Wireless Service?

Most people that want to have wireless access to the internet in their homes do not realize how important it is to have a properly configured wireless network. The majority of internet customers will decide they need wireless connections to their devices and buy a wireless router. They will just plug it in and start using the wireless network that shows up, usually just named whatever brand the router is. Sometimes, there is no authentication set up. When they do this, it is leaving their wirel...
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November 2014

Who is AcenTek?

AcenTek is the same company we have always been for over 60 years, an ever evolving technology company, improving our offerings to our customers.
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September 2014

Ace Communications is now Acentek

Ace Communications Group has evolved into being more than just a telephone/communications company. So in April of 2014 Ace Telephone Association, along with its subsidiaries began doing business as AcenTek, Ascending Technology. Our new name is derived from the combination of the words “ascending” and “technology.” Ascending technology is what we’re motivated to achieve for you today—and into the future.
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